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Closing the Gaps with Formative Assessments

Why do we only use tools like Kahoot & Quizlet Live as review games at the end of a chapter or unit?
Why aren’t we using these tools throughout learning the process? Continue reading

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Audio & Video Tools for Student Reflection

At our PD on Friday, I had the pleasure of working with our World Language department. When it comes to integrating tech in their classes, they have been risk takers; and even better, collaborative risk takers. We’ve witnessed some amazing projects … Continue reading

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4 Changes Making an Impact

Change #1 – New Faculty This is the start of year 3 of our 1:1 iPad program at Marian Catholic. At the beginning of this process we welcomed a new principal. This year we welcome a new President to our … Continue reading

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Teachers Need Rehab

Sitting in the hospital room with my family, waiting to hear if my father was going to rehab so he could increase his strength, my mom said, “I hope he gets into rehab, he likes rehab. He’s been there before.” … Continue reading

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Parents who want to prepare kids for the past

What if that report was published as a blog post? What if that student could look back at that blog post in 4 years to see how they’ve grown as a student? What if a college or an employer could see that growth? We need to stop looking at learning as race to the finish line… Continue reading

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Taking a Closer Look Classroom Management

Focusing on specific learning goals that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and the creation of student-centric learning environments are really the best way to use iPads in the curriculum. (Source) Most behavioral issues with iPads in the classroom occur when students … Continue reading

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Are you excited about the unknown, or shriveling with boredom?

Yesterday, during the #PersonalizedPD chat on Twitter Jason Bretzmann, (@jbretzmann) author of Personalized PD, asked the question, “If you could turn back time from a mistake you made, what would you do differently?”  It made me think not only about the mistakes I … Continue reading

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