We Finished Our One Year of Prep. What Now?

After we completed a full year of preparing our network and teachers for the 1:1 iPad initiative, the 500 lb. guerrilla in the room remains the question – What Now?

Did we do enough? What do we need to train them on? How much room do we give them to do their own Professional Development? What do we require our teachers to accomplish before they come back?

We completed training on how to use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Presentations, and a number of basic Apps for the iPad. Since it is very difficult to create summative assessments for the faculty and staff on these topics, it has been difficult to determine just how well they grasp how they will use these next year.

Since there was no pilot program the fear remains about “What will my classroom look like?” Even without a pilot program this can be answered by simply thinking about how your classroom functions now, and how you will integrate the iPad into your existing lessons. As soon as teachers learn the best practices for transitioning iPad use and non-use, they will be far more comfortable with using them in class. These practices can be taught, reviewed and practiced as we begin next year. We may even be able to use a summer school class or two as a sample.

We will offer time once a week for our teachers to come in for help from the tech staff, but there won’t be any specific classes offered. Since we are just south of Chicago we have shared information about ettsummit.org and Ed Tech Teacher Summer Workshops.
We have also shared information about Edcamps, and some of our teachers have already taken advantage of Edcamp Chicago and Edcamp Madison.

My next goal for the summer is to work with Google Hangouts, Explain Everything and TouchCast to create some PD for our teachers while they take advantage of them from their homes.


About Sean Scanlon

Director of Instructional Technology Marian Catholic High School Google Certified Trainer
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