Ettipad – San Diego iPad Summit

How can I even begin to explain what I experienced at iPad Summit San Diego? I have to start with the use of Twitter (@polonerd). There is no way I could have achieved the same experience in San Diego, or any other conference for that matter, without Twitter. The people of Edtech used #ettipad, so I began following it, and using that # about a week prior to the conference.
By the time I arrived in San Diego I had SuperBowl plans with 4 other people whom I had never met in person. Jason from British Columbia, Diane from California, Scott from California, and Dave from California. Diane and Dave were presenters at the conference, and every time we got together that week, we got further engaged in our discussions about iPads and 1:1.
By the time I got off the golf course on Sunday (yes, that part was rough), I knew right where I was going but I had no idea who these people were.
I discovered right away that if you want to talk to 4 people who are passionate about technology, getting it into their students’ hands, and making sure the technology enhances the educational process, just show up at Bub’s on J Street on SuperBowl Sunday and be prepared to talk iPads and 1:1.
Remember, this is before the conference started and the first thing Diane asks me is, “Why are you implementing iPads?”, “What are you hoping to gain from this?”, “So why are you going to iPads?”, “Why do you want all the students to have their textbooks on the iPads?”, “What are you trying to gain from the ebooks?”, “So why are you going to iPads?”. Did I mention Diane’s focus is on Design Thinking? Part of her process is asking Why? five times (or more). To be honest, I struggled to answer those questions. Try it yourself. Once you answer the first question, just continue to ask why and see where you get stuck. I spent a lot of time over the next 3 days figuring out how to get unstuck.
The next day Scott and I attended the Advanced iPad workshop with @ShawnMcCusker. I knew this session would be one of the highlights of the conference because I have been “attending” #1to1techat with Shawn for the last few months, and there is always some great material that surfaces during those Wednesday night chats.
This session was more action packed, and activity driven then I could have hoped for. We moved so quickly, but Shawn said – if it gets too much, power down and get away from the device, don’t get overwhelmed.
When I walked into that session, I felt very confident in my knowledge of the iPad, Apps, and some creative processes. By the time I walked out of that workshop, I felt like my understanding of WHY we were moving to the iPads had taken a quantum leap. When we started App Smashing, and demonstrating work flow, I began to realize not only the almost endless power of the iPad, but more importantly I could see how this was truly going to enhance the curriculum and take our students’ levels of understanding to new levels. Most importantly, I was getting closer to answering Diane’s questions, and explain why we are going to iPads.
My next Blog post will give a more detailed account of what we covered in that Workshop and other sessions from the iPad Summit San Diego.


About Sean Scanlon

Director of Instructional Technology Marian Catholic High School Google Certified Trainer
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